Node.js Application Hosting

OpenShift’s nodejs-0.10 cartridge provides a trusted platform for building, hosting, and scaling Javascript applications using proven, open source technologies.

Node.js uses on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine for a fast and reliable runtime environment. It’s event-driven, non-blocking I/O model is lightweight and efficient - a perfect choice for highly-concurrent, real-time applications.

Learn more about Nodejs and the NPM package manager.

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The Node.js (nodejs) Cartridge

The nodejs cartridge provides Node.js on OpenShift via the Nodejs runtime. This cartridge has special functionality to enable integration with OpenShift and with other cartridges. See Cartridge Integrations (below) for details.

Cartridge Integrations

The nodejs cart has out-of-the-box integration support with RedHat add-on cartridges.