Marker files can be used to customize various aspects of the cartridge’s build and deployment process.

Using markers

Enabling a marker is as simple as creating an empty file of a given name in the .openshift/markers/ directory and pushing it to your repository, in order to trigger the required functionality.

For example, creating the .openshift/markers/hot_deploy in an PHP app will prevent the Apache process from being restarted during the deployment.

Creating an empty file in the current directory is typically done using touch marker_file on Linux and Mac OS systems or by copy NUL > marker_file when on Windows.

Common markers

Although markers are generally cartridge-specific, you can expect these to work with most of the cartridges:

Marker Effect


Will prevent scalable applications from scaling up or down according to application load.


Will remove all previous dependencies and start installing required dependencies from scratch


Will prevent shutdown and startup of the application during builds.

Cartridge-specific markers