Please note that these documents apply to OpenShift Online v2 only (accounts created before August 1st, 2016).
If you are using one of the OpenShift 3 products, please refer to documents available at

Tomcat Markers

Adding marker files to .openshift/markers will have the following effects:

Marker Effect


Will enable the JPDA socket based transport on the java virtual machine running the Tomcat server. This enables you to remotely debug code running inside Tomcat.


Maven build step will be skipped


Will start the build process by removing all non-essential Maven dependencies. Any current dependencies specified in your pom.xml file will then be re-downloaded.


Will prevent a JBoss container restart during build/deployment. Newly build archives will be re-deployed automatically by the JBoss HDScanner component.


Will run Tomcat with Java7 if present. If no marker is present then the baseline Java version will be used (currently Java6)

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